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Post Audio - Project Solutions


Providing the very best audio/video solutions for your productions and brand.


Amplitude Films & Music specializes in professional post audio mixing, mastering and soundtrack for music, film, television, radio, podcasts and social media marketing initiatives - offering our clients dynamic in-house production and making ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to ensure your project is completed in a timely manner and well within your budget.

We are a full service creative agency - professional post-production digital studio that focuses on creation and offering our clients the best audio and video elements. 

And we will always offer our services at a very competitive price.

We are well rounded company with thirty-nine years experience in the following:

* post audio mixing and mastering 

* podcast post production

* composing, recording and licensing of original soundtrack

* mixing/mastering - including 5.1 and 7.1 for Dolby Atmos

* vinyl mixing and mastering

* existing project audio restoration and cleanup

* film editing

* videography - with on location lighting and audio 

The first step is always taking a look at new projects together to brainstorm a creative direction for the sound/narrative and discuss the various pathways to a successful completion.

To us, every production is unique and making a designed plan tailored to each project is extremely important.

And, it's the smaller things that amount to huge things - offering our clients a password protected page that is used to share our work flow, design and course - resulting in a quick real time collaboration as we go.

Just contact us to discuss your audio production solutions.

Mixing and Mastering


We work on every component required with our clientele along the way - once the direction is established, we then listen to all the individual tracks (mix frequencies),  to ensure each instrument/voice has its own space and dynamic range for a tight overall mix.

Our mixing and mastering sessions starts in-studio with our trusted Zoom L-20 Livetrak interface, Avid Pro Tools 2023 Advanced,  first generation KRK Rokit 8’s, Audio Technica ATM-M50x headphones, with an external hard-drive to ensure your sessions are backed-up and safe during our work flow. We also have many plugins to choose from Waves, Izotope, Positive Grid, Avid, etc.

For the mastering process, we utilize post audio suites from Izotope such as; Rx-9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Ozone 9 Advanced, Dialogue Match and Nectar 3 Plus. We also utilize various Waves suites including; Broadcast & Production and NX Ocean Way Nashville  with Headtracker - for 5.1 and 7.1 formats - the end results sounding wide and huge for any platform.


Podcast Post 

Providing the very best post audio possible for both your podcasts and brand.

So you're not recording your podcasts with the best equipment, or in the best recording environment, with host/guest voicings that needs improvement, you think it could sound much better - we get it. 

We are here to provide you with the very best professional post audio podcast production solutions, and to assist in advise for your future content creations - all at a very affordable price. 


Let's discuss your podcast productions - send us a 20 second audio example of your podcast (up to four original tracks, voice only), and we will provide an example of what we can do for you - all free of charge of course.   


Keeping your audience engaged by great sound helps - right from the very start.


It's your brand, and we are here for your development.


Original Soundtrack 

Your production will stand out with an original soundtrack -  a theme song, various tunes throughout, segways, transitional through edits, or just in the credit roll, We will provide you with amazing original content.

We work very closely with producers, establishing genre first - then we can go through the various edits that are "set" to begin creation. Once the edit is locked, we can go full tilt, finalize and produce a fitting custom score.

Providing professional recordings, with mixing and mastering all done in house - drums, bass, guitars, horns, keys, accordions, woodwinds and vocals. We can do anything and everything in our recording studio.

Our studio is very well connected to the current music industry, and have the ability to bring along well-known international based musicians into the fold for the recording process - heightening the content, bringing instant world wide acclaim to your production.



Step ahead and think of the "Ocean" series, and what that soundtrack did for that series of films.

Mastering Your Vinyl

Putting the needle on the record.


Vinyl definitely adds warmth, depth, and character to the soundtrack, and we will ensure to create a very warm, natural, analog feel to your art.


There is basically a ten step process in our production workflow that we perform for each track - ensuring that each is at its optimal form before sending to cut, each track is different, and we process every one on its own.


Once these masters are completed, we work closely (in production), with the duplication house that will produce your vinyl, communicating with the cutting engineers to ensure that any technical requests are taken care of (back/forth).


We just don't master your production, we complete the mission.

Get in touch with us for details - vinyl albums are resurging in the marketplace.


Film Editing

Film editing - the balanced invisible art. 

Amplitude Films & Music also has its own dedicated editing suite utilizing Adobe Premiere Pro 2024 software, offering professional video editing services to our clients. We work with the footage to ensure that we have hit your goals and have achieved your vision.


Once the edit is final, or locked, we can also work on the sound files - providing you with an amazing finish - since we have taken care of the edit, we can provide a great price point in combination - from edit to audio mix to master to your platforms.


Offering our clients a mix of time / overall budget savings.



We also specialize in documentary style videography.


We believe that great interviews can have a huge influence on the narrative, and we have a certain talent for making our interview subjects feel very comfortable in their setting, which always makes a huge impact on the overall design and production.


This is what we are all about - providing the very best videography, set direction lighting, audio, and overall creation, at a very affordable cost.


Our documentary interview equipment consists of:

- Nikon D7500 Camera - up to 4k

- Nikkor 18-140mm lens

- 512GB SDXC memory cards (x3)

- Neweer ER1- 120, 47.2 inch motorized camera slider 

- Manfrotto Expid Tripod

- Sony UTX-B1 wireless lavaliers (x2)

- Tascam DR-70D Field Recorder (24bit)

- Neweer NL-288ARC light system (x4)

- DJI Osmo Mobile 6 Gimbal - for "BTS" cell capture

- Canon XL1s Camera - old school digital tape


We are ready to go - lets discuss your next film project.

Let Us Connect

Let's connect to discuss your production requirements further - we're here to provide you with the best possible post audio and video solutions in todays market, with many years experience behind us. We will certainly lift your future productions to another level.

Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have.

FAQ, reel, audio samples, IMDb page are now in development - coming soon!!

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