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Professional Bass Tracks & Post Audio


Ronnie has recorded with many storied musicians and amazing acts from around the world, and he is now available to provide exciting professional bass tracks for your next project. 

Send him an inquiry email at the address below - he will then communicate with you after hearing your track (s), to discuss the project and get some directive of what you would like to hear specifically on the particular recording - since it's all about your vision, tonality and vibe. He will then record the track (s), and send back a few versions of the bass track, including a midi version (if required), via file sharing platform.

Ronnie has a full service professional home studio and editing suite, which is open twenty-four hours per day for various film and music projects - since his clients are from around the world, with specific deadlines.


He will be more than delighted to schedule and work with you on your time.


If interested in having him sit in the producers chair - to mix and master your next project, please add this in the inquiry email.

Studio Assets and Instruments

Four and five string fretted instruments - Fender, Gibson, Epiphone (acoustic) and Warwick. 

Four string fretless instruments - Warwick and Kala.


Amplifiers - Ampeg SVT, Traynor, Marshall and MarkBass.

Digital Audio Workstation - Avid Pro Tools Ultimate, Zoom L-20 Livetrack Interface, and KRK Rokit 8 reference monitors.

Microphones - Nuemann, Shure, and Audio Technica.

Plugins - Overloud MarkBass Studio 2 (including third party MadBass), Avid (various), Waves (various), IK Multimedia, Ampeg SVX.

Pedal Board Gear - Warwick Rockboard 3.1, Ampeg SCI-DI Scrambler, Dunlop 105q Cry Baby Bass Wah, Boss Tuner, MXR Bass Chorus Deluxe, Boss Limiter Enhancer.

Mastering - Izotope Ozone9, Neutron3 Advanced software. 

Session and Contact Information

Please send an email at the address below and Ronnie will get back to you as soon as possible - once everything is in place, he will then follow up to ask for the following information:

* stems in a wav or mp3 format

* kick and snare  - bit higher in the mix with no vocals or lead

* vocal and lead guitar sent in its own stems - this affords the idea of accentuation where required

* bit depth and sample rate info from your session settings

* if you require a midi sample (subs)


In a perfect world, Ronnie always likes to record his bass tracks last since there will be everything there (the specific song and audio dynamics), for him to draw from and this situation will give you the best performance possible. 

He will also add a few sound ideas at you - recording dry and then utilizing various plugins, heads, amps, mic and room combinations for you to draw from for your mix - all in various sound files that will be sent to you via file share - and along the way, if you need something changed in the verse, chorus, bridge, intro, outros, no problem - lets make it outstanding!!

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