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Full Audio Production Solutions


Providing professional audio production solutions all in-house.  

Please see the various sections regarding the various services we offer:

- Band and Artist Recording

- Voiceovers - see in our vocal recording section

- Mixing and Mastering

- In Studio Audio Podcast Recording

- Location Sound Recording & Post Audio Production

- Live Streaming - Event & Media

- Live Off The "Four" - live band studio recording - off the floor

- Voiceover & Self Tape Auditions - including video

- Inquires and Booking - Contact Us

Band and Artist Recording

Tracking all musicians in the band one at a time - drums, bass, guitars, vocals, keys, etc. Then mixing and mastering for various streaming and social media platforms, along with compact disc (also vinyl and cassette tape, if required). A somewhat new but true method of recording. We are now offering a special flat rate (per song), for our existing rehearsal clients to record in our studio.


Drums: we have employed an eleven piece Alesis Strike Pro Special Edition kit for all of our drum tracking. This kit is sent via USB to our studio desk using Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 software with many kits, cymbals, mics and rooms to choose from. Drummers start first - we will get you familiarized with the kit, make any physical adjustments, audition the various kits - pick out a kick, snare, toms and cymbals (we can always change things up later), put on the headphones, adjust level and start recording the track. We can do this by a reference/click track or we can have the guitarist/bassist in to do a scratch track for you to play along with, or both.


Bass: recorded directly into our Zoom L-20 Livetrak Interface. We have many plugins/amp sims to choose from including third party additions to our three favorites; Waves CLA Bass, Ampeg SVT Suite and Markbass MarkStudio 2. The two later offer the best in head, cabinet, mic type/placement, compression, equalization and room sound combinations. We will sit and audition various bass tones before you start recording - saving these in a project bank to recall when mixing. We also have other software such as Toontrack Bass Slapper, EZbass (midi), that we use for soft subs with Waves Submarine (when required). 


Vocals: studio five also has an amazing environment for vocals - we will set you up to sound great right away, while you warm up your voice. All tracking is done with an Audio Technica AT4040, Audio Technica ATM-M50x headphones - nestled in an SE isolation shield with an anti-pop filter - utilizing various Waves, Izotope and third party plugins (in post), to ensure that your multi-tracked vocal stems shine in the overall mix.


Guitar: our tried/true method of recording guitars is going direct into the interface - we have a number of great plugins/amp sims to provide any sound you wish. Included are the following; Positive Grid Bias FX 2 (with guitar matching capability - choose between 18 guitars models and a Tone Cloud to provide endless tones), Waves CLA Guitar, Unplugged, GTR3 and our secret weapon; the PRS SuperModel amp sim which includes the Archon, Dallas, and the super-rare Blue Sierra/V9 amp emulation. These amp sims also have the ability to control room sound which is important in the overall mix. We will sit and audition various guitar tones before you start recording - saving these in a project bank to recall when mixing.

Studio Five has an amazing sound for physical amps so we can utilize the old standard of mic placement to your favorite amp, carefully placing a Shure SM57 to the cab and record. If there is a “balanced out” on your amps head, we can also send directly into the interface to utilize the amp sims. We also have a number of heads/cabinets in the studio that we can supply, or bring your own.


Keys: we make use of our M-Audio Oxygen 61 (with expression pedal), for our key recording and many Waves/Avid plugins such as; Grand Rhapsody Piano, Mini Grand, Clavinet, Hammond B3, and Electric Piano to provide you with the sound and emulate what you require for the recording.


Let's get a pre-production meeting together to discuss your overall project ideas, and we will then get into to various recording techniques - taking note of your needs/wants/wishes. Then we will offer pro advice, go through some of the software/equipment/recording process in detail with you, all in person - your project is our project. Existing Client Song Recording is a rate quote per song is 450 plus applicable taxes, a 200 non refundable deposits per session. This includes all recording, mixing, and mastering - for the various streaming and social media services, plus compact disk if required.
**additional special rates can apply for three or more songs.

Individual Vocal / Instrument Tracking Rates - includes recording, mixing and file transfer of stems, two hour minimum 90 plus applicable taxes.
**recording each hour after the two hour minimum - 45

Mixing and Mastering


Our recording, mixing and mastering sessions starts in-studio with our trusted Zoom L-20 Livertrak interface, Avid Pro Tools 2022,  first generation KRK Rokit 8’s, Audio Technica ATM-M50x headphones,  with an external hard-drive to ensure your sessions are backed-up and safe. We work on every component required with the artists along the way - once the direction is established, we then listen to all the individual tracks (mix frequencies),  to ensure each instrument/voice has its own space and dynamic range for a tight overall mix. For the latter mastering process; we employ Izotope’s RX-9 advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced (with the virtual mixer), and Ozone 9 Advanced software - making the end result sounding wide and huge for any platform.


We also have a password protected area on our website that can be utilized to check on the progress of the song if you aren’t present i.e. individual instrument tracks, vocals mixes, general mixes, and the mastering process.


Re-Mix And Master of Existing Recordings - based on two hours - includes audio restoration, editing, re-mixing and mastering - for the various streaming and social media services, plus compact disk (if required), 70 per song plus applicable taxes.
**special rates can be applied for three or more songs.

Podcast Recording - Audio


Providing the very best audio for both your broadcasts and brand. And here is what we offer:

- professional acoustically treated recording studio.

- pro on-site recording, mixing and mastering engineer.

- acoustically treated studio (s), to host up to five in-studio guests.

- five Shure MV7X XLR based microphones with secondary windscreens and stands.

- five over ear noise cancelling Audio Technica ATM-M40x headphones.

- Pro Tools 2022 ultimate digital audio workstation.

- various Waves and Izotope plugins for mixing and mastering your content.

- comfortable host/guest seating - with treated table top.

- on desk Mackie headphone amp - for individual controlled headphone audio levels.

- Zoom interface available.

- clean, safe and comfortable space with kitchen, bathrooms, meeting space, with WIFI.

- private entrance, and ample/free parking.

- 24 hour access - both recording and production. 

We are here to assist in your content creation, to provide the very best professional audio production, all at a very affordable price. Let's talk regarding the project - then get into pre-production.


Let us help in keeping your audience engaged - right from the very start.

Mixing and Mastering of Home-based Recordings: 35 for under half an hour, 45 for under 40 minutes, and 55 from 41 to one hour - price based on four episodes - sent by client together via file share.
** includes dialogue editing, soundtrack placement, mixing, mastering and file transfer.

In Studio Audio (Dialogue) Podcast Recording; based on a one hour podcast - three hour minimum and includes various mics, headphones, recording, dialogue editing, soundtrack placement, mixing, mastering, and file transfer - 130
**discounts are available for multiple podcasts - four episodes minimum.

Location Sound Recording & Post Production

The Sound and Film Studios also specializes in on-location sound recording, and in-studio audio post production.

Our field equipment consists of Zoom F6nfield recorders, various shotgun, omni-directional, cardioid and Sony lavalier mics.

For an indoor shoot environment - we can also utilize our on-set stationary set up, running field recorders into a digital audio workstation (Pro Tools 2022), adding a Zoom L-20 Livetrak mixing console (secondary interface), with second memory card - including an additional 3T drive backup.




We also have our own editing suite utilizing Adobe Premier Pro CC2020, and Blackmagic Design Davinci Resolve 18.0.3 software.


And why not have us complete your projects audio requirements from start to finish - from on-site audio capture, to post audio mixing, and mastering.

Once the edit is final, or locked, we can then work on the sound files in our studio - providing you with an amazing finish - since taking care of the audio from field to mix and master will be both cost, and time saving for your project. We utilize post audio suites from Izotope (Rx-9 Advanced, Neutron 3 Advanced, Ozone 9 Advanced, Dialogue Match and Nectar 3 Plus), also various Waves suites including Broadcast & Production and NX Ocean Way Nashville for 5.1 and 7.1 surround.


As previously mentioned; we specialize in on-location sound recording, and audio post production, soundtrack for film, television, radio, podcasts and social media marketing initiatives - offering our clients dynamic in-house production and making ourselves available 24 hours a day, seven days per week to ensure your project is completed in a timely manner and well within your budget.

We look at each situation in the context of the project and are always prepared to cover multiple situations that may arise - its our investment to you and ourselves.

And we will always offer a very competitive price.

We are well rounded company with many years of experience in the following:

* on location sound

* foley

* composing, recording and licensing of original soundtrack

* audio mixing and mastering

* automated dialogue replacement

* audio restoration and cleanup

*  voice over talent

It is the smaller things that amount to huge things - offering our clients a password protected page that is used to share our work flow - real time collaboration.

The first step is always taking a look at new projects together to brainstorm a creative direction for the sound and discuss any particular challenges that we may face. Every production is unique and making a plan tailored to each project is extremely important to us.

Feel free to contact us to discuss all your audio production solutions, pricing at: 

Live Streaming & Recording


Live Streaming - Audio & Video


Offering live streaming services to various social media platforms - for both in-house promotions and select concert venues in the Greater Toronto Area. With our trusted Zoom L-20 Livetrak 22 channel recorder, Pro Tools 2022, our experienced recording engineer, we will make your audio/video production shine.

Services will include individual track recording - via soundcard, to re-mix and master in studio - to mix/master for video match releases. 

Live Off The 'Four - Audio & Video

Live off the floor recording in Studio Four and Seven to our recording studio / video editing room right next door. 

We set up the space with various mics on drums, cabinets - much like a live stage - sending up to 16 channels (XLR), direct to our Zoom L-20 Livetrak interface - into Pro Tools 2022. This is getting popular for our clients who want to update their EPK's and social media presence.

Contact us at the email address below with your project details - we will answer any questions that you may have, before sending a detailed quote. 

Voiceovers & Self Tape Auditions 

Voiceovers: radio/television/ebooks/social media content - includes in studio tracking, soundtrack placement, editing, mixing, mastering and file transfer, two hour minimum, 90 plus applicable taxes.

**additional hours available at 40 per hour,

Video Production - Self Tapes:  We shoot your self tape auditions in our 550 square foot  sound stage studio, with a professional Nikon D7500 DSLR camera, three point LED light system, Sony Lavalier wireless mic - direct to our recording studio, and we have multiple rear backdrops available for you to choose from. 


We are offering the ultimate self tape production, for the best price in the greater Toronto area - the price includes all of the above - plus a professional recording engineer to mix/master the locked audio content, editing done via Adobe Premier Pro CC2020, a script reader/director, who has many years of experience, and is currently with ACTRA. 

We will ensure your audition stands out from the rest.

One Hour - one to six page in-studio auditions - 50 plus applicable taxes

Ninety Minutes - recommended for seven plus page in-studio auditions - 75 plus applicable taxes

One liners - single scene auditions, short commercials and Silent On Camera - 35 plus applicable taxes

Inquiries & Booking - Contact Us

For all inquiries, scheduling a pre-production meeting, deposit information or booking for your next production with the Sound & Film Studios, please contact us at; with "Audio" in the heading.

We will ensure that your next production is nothing short of outstanding!!

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