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Touring Bassist - The Hired Gun


If you require a professional bassist for your next tour then look no further.


Ronnie is available to take on tour duties with established acts at a moments notice. He is always interested in new projects and establishing new partnerships within the music industry.

Just send an inquiry email with the following:

* tour calendar dates 

* tour locations 

* artist set list

* the artists set list song files

* which songs you would like him to perform for the audition reel


He will then send back a three to four song audition video - recorded on a GoPro, and from his digital audio workstation - for your perusal and consideration.

Ronnie is in a unique position in life where he can be available any time of the year, and travel to any destination in the world as part of your touring band - to become a solid addition to your team - entering into a partnership to assist in having your music and brand stand out. 

* always well rehearsed and prepared

* ability to add backup vocals and keys (if required)

* always working tightly with members of the band

* always a team player and easy going

* bringing specific show/stage dynamics - to heightening your market share

* ready to show diversity onstage - to be spontaneous within any situation

* ready to provide a solid professional performance 


To discuss the possibilities, just send an email


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