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Hollywood Monsters - Thriving on Chaos

Hollywood Monsters third album "Thriving on Chaos", released December 2019 with Steph Honde, Vinny Appice and Ronnie Robson.

With special guest performances by:

Don Airey - Hammond solo “Scream Looking For A Mouth”

Danko Jones - Vocals on "Cold Sweat"

Alexis Von Kraven - Drums on "I'm The Best You Can Get”

Greg Godovitz - Vocals on "Drop Dead (That's Who)"

Tommy Denander - Lead guitar on “Drop Dead (That's Who)”

Fred Mika - Drums on "Fortune Teller"

Jim Crean - Backing vocals on “I Don't Need No Doctor”

Glen Drover - Lead guitar on "I'm The Best You Can Get”

Ted McKenna - Drums on “Running Up Hill” 

**and may Ted rest in everlasting peace

Produced by Steph Honde and Ronnie Robson

Engineered by Steph Honde, Ronnie Robson and Vic Florencia

Mastered by Tommy Denander

Physical copies are available at: Bickee Music (Japan) and Die Hard Music (Brazil)

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